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The Global SMAC explores our media habits. The video looks at humanities media habits from cave men to the Internet age. It can get a bit overwhelming listening and watching the video….but isn’t that point.


The Global SMAC hits the pavement to ask people about their knowledge of politics…that’s right you heard us right, we actually talked to people….in real life. What we found out might be disturbing to some.


The future is a scary place or at least it would be if our predictions came true. Before the video read our predictions below….you just might want to die now before this comes true.

In the year 2000…

–          The Presidential election of 2008 for the United States cost a combined total of $5.3 billion.

–          The LA Times recognizes Facebook as a viable advertising venue for local businesses.

–          Social Media is used by political campaigns to raise support for their candidate. It is largely a success.

–          Twitter is recognized by Starbucks patrons as something useful for civic engagement.

In the year 2010…

–          Facebook reaches 500 million users

–          Political campaigns look towards Social Media to build a grass roots campaign.

In the year 2012…

–          Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected to the United States Senate, largely in part to his superstar image created by a grass roots movement from Social Media outlets.

–          The Goldstein-Schwarzenegger Act of 2012 makes it possible for anyone of legal age to run for President of  the United States.

In the year 2020…

–          Google and Amazon merge creating Googazon.

–          To combat Googazon’s takeover of the advertising market, Facebook, Twitter and Apple create the Apple Universal.

–          Apple Universal creates Twitface by combining Twitter with Facebook.

–          Microsoft buys Youtube  for $70 billion.

In the Year 2030…

–          Microsoft develops a holographic communicator, making traditional phones and computers obsolete.

–          Microsoft successfully develops microchip implant that enables information to be accessed only by thinking.

–          Googazon becomes the undisputed tool used on the Internet for information.

–          Googazon and Microsoft develop Consumer Tracker, which makes decisions for people based on their actions.

–          The executive board of Apple Universal is appointed as the Intercommunications Chiefs of the FCC.

In the year 2040…

–          Microsoft reanimates Bill Gates’ personality in Apple Universal’s iBot.

–          The Bill Gates iBot runs for President, The Supreme Court upholds his right to run.

–          Lifebook is created. It aggregates all information about the user, including purchases, thoughts, and important decisions into one space.

–          McDonalds uses Lifebook to track customer’s purchases and suggest meal combinations for them.

–          Apple Universal launches a news branch based off of status updates and remarks coming from Twitface. It quickly becomes popular with Starbucks patrons.

In the year 2050…

–          The traditional medium of television has become extinct; the Internet is now the main provider of entertainment and information.

–          The iBot 5 Bill Gates wins a third Presidential term. The campaign cost is only $500 million.

–          Fox News and MSNBC form MS Fox, with all content being produced by anyone across the globe and compiled by only 100 employees.

–          CNN and ABC no longer exist, leaving MS Fox being the last of the news organizations.

In the year 2060…

–          Lifebook is bought by Googazon for $1.5 trillion.

–          The North American Federation is formed and mandates that all citizens be registered with Lifebook.

–          Googazon partners with McDonalds and Burger King to develop better customer service.

–          Voting for government officials becomes available only through Googazon accounts.

–          The Supreme Court of the NAF allows corporations to run for office.

–          Apple Universal is the first corporation to run for President. Apple Universal is defeated at the polls.

In the year 2070…

–          A record of 1,456 candidates run for President. The typical campaign only cost $10 million.

–          95% of the population votes in the elections, citing Googazon’s easy to use format and helpful reviews on candidates.

In the year 2080…

–          The General of Electric wins the Presidency in a landslide.

–          Campaigning is only done through Googazon and Apple Universal. Federal laws mandate that a candidate must have more than 5,000 reviews from a state to appear on the ballot.

–          MS Fox partners with Googazon to shut out Apple Universal from the news market. The Supreme Court rules that MS Fox and Googazon’s partnership constitutes a monopoly and is blocked.

–          Media is no longer divided up into categories like radio, television, and internet, but is now referred to as The Connection.

In the year 2090…

–          The average campaign cost only $100,000 due to the elimination of separate mediums on information.

–          Voting is done for you, based on your decisions, profile, and purchases, through Googazon’s Consumer Tracker.

–          It is common place for corporations to use their mascots as candidates for public office.

In the year 2100…

–          Burger King runs for president. The slogan “A Wopper for you, is a vote for me!” is used.

–          Mayor McCheese of McDonalds announces his bid for the presidency.

–          Record Burger sales are seen through Googazon’s Consumer Tracker.

–          The Supreme Court rules that it is cruel and unusual punishment to sever convict’s link with The Connection for the length of their sentence.


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