Tools To Be A Better Citizen

Want to be a better citizen?

Citizenship is part of democracy, with the world at our fingertips we have no excuse to stand by idly waiting for decisions to be made for us. The links below will help you sift through information and help you better navigate the media.

Follow the links to your freedom…

  • Find the News – The daily beast is a news source that you might have never seen before, its one of those hipster sites.
  • Know your government – This is a small time site that lets you read up on some issues and topics that are being debated right now. Good place to start, but be sure to check other places.
  • Understand the law – You can see the latest updates coming out of your government. Its a good way to keep tabs on them if you can handle reading the legal documents that are put out by the site.
  • Watch your media – This is just a site that lets you look at some trendy topics in social media, or get some interesting tips on how to be a savvy internet user.
  • Follow the SMAC – It is what it is. We have a Twitter
  • Watch for the SMAC – What kind of social media team would we be if we didn’t have any Youtube videos?
  • Get information from the House – The official word, useful, but don’t think this is the truth…it might not be, ever hear of Roswell?
  • Dissent from within the Twittersphere – The Iran twitter revolution was bad or good…this guy has mixed feelings.
  • Keep an eye on the fat cats – Careful here, but this can be a pretty useful site to find out some thing you didn’t know about, be sure to tweet it and keep your friends informed too.
  • The transformation – This is a book..We know its a little ridiculous to use something printed talking about the power of communities in an online space….nonetheless its quality.
  • The Social Sphere – It is a blog and that’s part of social media. This ones talks about the effectiveness of communities, the ideas they produce, and how they are turned into action.
  • Politics and Technology – Does technology like the Internet have any influence over politics?
  • Mashable – Social media can cause a wind to blow in the direction of politics.
  • Social Stats – I wouldn’t say this is a very educational site, but that doesn’t take away from the thing that are said.
  • Face News – ABC teamed up with Facebook for the midterm elections.
  • Project Virginia – Where Politics meets social media
  • The social media snapshot – A snapshot of the 2010 elections from a social media standpoint. A bit more serious than Social Stats above.
  • Prizes – How McCain planed to win the election…I guess he was too old to operate that sort of technology.
  • Mashing is good – 2 million tweets, did it do anything?
  • The infallible BBC – Iran and BBC, Why so hostile to each other?
  • Tweet of Freedom – Ask not what Twitter can do for you, Ask what you can do for the Twitter. Twitter: it did stuff for Iran.

Eric Ivanov