Our Team

Six young minds came together to create a force that is taking over the convergence of social media and citizenship! Continue reading to learn more about this team that created new ways for citizens like you to participate in democracy via social media!

Asra Arif

Being a junior here, I am finally figuring out the pieces to my puzzle, and know that I want to study broadcast journalism.  I haven’t always been interested in writing and public speaking, music was my passion a few years ago.  I played the violin for ten years, and that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Speaking of music, I love all kinds of music!  House, electronica, hip hop, pop, R&B, and more!  As I discovered myself, I realized I love to entertain and be a social butterfly.  Born in Queens, raised on Long Island, i love to draw, dance, sing, and go out with my friends.  I danced for many years (hip hop, indian fusion, belly dancing, and jazz are some of my favorites!)  When I am not out, I love to catch up on some reading and my shows (Trueblood, Vampire Diaries, Entourage, E! channel), going to the big apple, working out (love pilates), shopping, trying new foods at different restaurants, driving while blasting music in my car, and going to starbucks(pumpkin spice latte is back :))

Here a few sites that would describe me best:



perezhilton.com & kimkardashian.celebuzz.com (I am pretty much obsessed)


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Eric Ivanov

Me and Obama?
I could start off and tell you that I discovered that whales actually lived on land at the beginning of time…according to Wikipedia and a few other sites that’s what I am notable for… if you believe it, well, its time to rethink how you use the internet.

My name is Eric…as you should have seen above. I am a senior with a duel major in Broadcast Journalism and History. I didn’t feel like posting my entire resume, so make do with that.

The picture above looks to be me and Obama, everything seems normal about it, the shading the squinting, and even the head placement…enough to convince you that its real anyway. In fact its a fake, I photo-shopped my

head onto a picture my roommate took and I slapped it on Facebook as a joke. It fooled plenty of people. Its easy to edit your life and on the internet and eventually produce an entirely made up persona.

The Original

What is social media good for?

1. Giving people a platform to be chauvinistic, and not even confronting things that are different.

2. Making people feel like they are connected to people/friends, when all they really have is an empty cyber relationship.

3. Makes avoiding talking to people easier.

4. Letting people edit their lives…I’ve done it and I’m not ashamed.

5. Lets people express the views and feeling to thousands of people who really don’t care.

Is there anything social about social media?

I actually don’t think so. I don’t go online and talk to people and call it socializing. Society calls people who stay in their rooms and play community games, use Facebook, blogs, and just spend all of their time on the internet….ANTISOCIAL! The internet has made us less social and more reliant on a computer interface for communication.

With that being said, why do I participate in it?

I really don’t have a clue. I have a Facebook, a Youtube page, a twitter (which I only have because of our teacher), an AIM account, and Skype (but I feel like that is actually a telephone).

One of my career goals in life is to help successfully regulate the Internet and bring order to its chaos.

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Lauren Loverde

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren Loverde. I’m a Senior Public Relations major and social media takes up a large part of my life! I was first introduced to social media in high school, but now a lot of the social media I know about it is part of my major. Basically, a large part of Public Relations involves understanding social media and being able to use its capabilities for your clients.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, you name it I probably have an account. I’m really excited about taking this class because I want to know why this assignment stressed me out so much and why the answer to my stress was to go on Twitter. I want to know why social media is always the answer to my stress.

I think social media is a very interesting phenomenon. It amazes me, how much power social media can have over a person’s daily life. I could spend hours on Facebook and Twitter doing absolutely nothing. I just keep refreshing my profile page thinking that eventually there will be some new, fascinating information for me to comment on.

My take on social media is that it is a great way for people to share all sorts of information with the world. A social media account allows friends to stay connected and old friends to re-connect. I think it’s really cool how “universal” social media is and how I could talk to people all over the world about one single topic.

So, why do I participate in social media you ask? My answer is this…why wouldn’t I participate in social media? It’s awesome! It’s an easy way to procrastinate, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. We all do it. The best way to avoid doing homework is to spend hours on Facebook.

Here is my absolute favorite video on YouTube:

The AMAZING Charlie Bit Me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPDYj3IMkRI

These are some of the websites that I visit far too often:






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Kimberley Cervone

Hello fellow classmates,
So, as you can tell my name is Kimberley Cervone, I’m a senior for the second time here at Hofstra because i have changed my major about 47 times. If Hofstra doesn’t screw me over, I will be graduating and out of here in December.  I was born and raised in Long Island, and will never ever leave it. I have two sisters and four brothers, and live with two of them. I find that through social media, i communicate with the other four the most through Facebook. My favorite color is green, and i love Italian anything and everything. I find myself always listening to music, and i love driving around.

I am pretty much a blank canvas when it comes to the computer and most of its social media, besides Facebook. Which is bizarre because i am a PR major. So when being asked to make this social page and state how it affects us. i guess my only response can be Facebook. I wish i could add Twitter, which i do have one but i totally and completely don’t understand it and don’t use it. I am always checking my e-mails, blackberry messenger and Facebook- considering i always have my phone on me, if i didn’t get it directly to my phone, I most likely wouldn’t check as much. i should proberbly admit that my guilty please is constantly checking social gossip as well as entertainment gossip. I have a high school crush on Perez Hilton. Hope i didn’t bore you all to death with my info and lack of social medi expierece. 🙂

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Brian Molinari

Hey everyone, my name is Brian Molinari, in case you missed the heading at the top of this page. I’ll be graduating in December and my major is TV/Video; when your life revolves around media its as if media revolves around you. I create media, enjoy media, and consume mass quantities of this stuff we call media.
I hate to admit it but I do spend a good amount of time on social media sites, Facebook and twitter make up most of that but when I’m trying to feel productive I’ll put some hours in on LinkedIn, Tumblr, or kill time with StumbleUpon. I never wanted to be the kid who is in into every new thing that drops into the world of media but I can’t help it! I love the fact that the web is taking over TV and I’m happy to get into that on the ground level. I think it is important to involve every aspect of media, putting them together and combining different types of media can bring new people together, spread knowledge, and most importantly create a better understanding of what media really is.
My media identity is somewhat blurry. Who really wants to define themselves and set limits and boundaries?? I enjoy being a productive part of “media”. I usually wont be without my phone, keeping me in-touch with twitter, FaceSpace, and any Skype friends, so I can check out the latest viral on YouTube and mindlessly send it to more people. Music and Video are a huge part of my life and so I have no choice but to dive into the deep end of this media stuff. I have no problem being on the cutting edge of whats going on and thats why I support the web-TV community as much as I can. HTVi here at Hofstra is an awesome interactive media site and I hope to help that out even more. Web-TV started to get bigger in the past two years and I jumped at the oppurtunity, so If you get a chance check out the content on that site. Also I help out on another web-TV project called Subway Sessions, its born and bred Hofstra-style. This brings musicians from the underground (literally) right onto a convenient webpage and lets you discover, interact with, and become fans of new and emerging musicians. If you get a few seconds check out www.SubwaySessions.com

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Dani Newman


Hello, my name is Dani. I’m taking this class because I want to understand why it took my three and a half hours to complete this assignment. It’s frightening to me that I am preparing to graduate from a school that teaches communication, yet when I try to focus on the “school” part the communication interferes. How could I resist though? With Facebook Plug Ins all over my favorite websites and email notifications sent to the mobile device that never leaves my sight? Here’s my stance, I don’t think technology is necessarily a bad thing, and I won’t go all Nicholas Carr on you (yes, I just started that terribly scary book) and say that it is literally controlling me, I just want to know what it feels like to be qualified for an entry level job in a field that I love and respect, because lets face it, you can’t be an unpaid intern forever.I run a website with a couple of good friends called www.htvinteractive.com. We showcase the work of students that make a damn good entertaining point about something or other. (Get ready, this is a plug): If you have an interest in hosting content, whether it’s a video, a blog, or an event that you would like to broadcast, come and talk to me, or just email, facebook, call, text message or tweet at me. I felt like it was ok to warn you about the plug thing, after all, the internet warns us before it spams us with a thirty second commercial in between our favorite episode of The Office.

I’ll follow Eric’s lead with this format for a hot second:

Social Media is good for:

1.     Sharing new websites, music, research, news, photos…you all have a facebook you know what I’m talking about.

2.     Seeing that your mom commented on your photo from her Mobile Device while she is sitting right next to you.  Thanks mom.

3.     Making services that you once had to pay for free. (Ex. Google Talk: Telephone Calls. Surfthechannel: Television).

4.     Sharing stranger’s drunk texts and horribly embarrassing stories that ruined their lives so that your friends can laugh at them.

5.     Competing in fake contests to be a beta tester or a winner for more and more and more electronic devices.

So why do I participate?

What type of media student would I be if I didn’t contribute to my own Internet addiction.

Here are two videos that I enjoy:



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